Basic Tenets


Safe, Sane, Consensual

While it may be surprising to hear these words here, Nine Woods adheres to these principles. They are credited to the BDSM/kink community as guidelines on how to behave while in kink spaces and relationships.

 However, Nine Woods believes that they are so simple, clear, and important that we utilize the same thoughts here. As long as your practice is safe - for yourself, other humans, your family, friends, pets, the planet, then it is worthwhile to pursue.
If your practice inflicts mental harm upon yourself or others (we will speak about cursing and hexing later on) then it is not safe, and therefore shouldn’t be followed.
When dealing with a practice that includes other people, it needs to be consensual, and this explicitly includes sexual magic and practices. If the people involved all don’t give a resounding, affirmative, joyful “yes!” then it is not a practice to pursue. 


Daily Magic

The concept of daily magic is the simplest, yet most complex principle in the Nine Woods tradition. It is the foundation of Nine Woods. Each day can be a spiritual experience as long as we look at life through the lens of magic. Each moment in life can be a moving experience as long as we tune into the moments that we are living. More information and tips will be given in the Daily Magic Guidebook.  


Hexing and Cursing

While we do not condone harm for harm’s sake, we do acknowledge that we live in a society where power is grossly out of balance. We view jinxing, hexing, and cursing as a way of self-defense. We view these practices as ways that we can take a little bit of power back into our own hands, and as a way to help give our righteous anger a valid channel to work through. Righteous anger can be found here [link to article forthcoming]

*Please go through appropriate “mundane” channels if you are in danger such as calling the police, or getting legal and medical advice from appropriate authorities and professionals FIRST. The Nine Woods Tradition and Autumn Blackwood are not liable for any harm done by ignoring first basic steps and going straight to magic.* 


The Four Pillars

Members of this tradition are urged to live in a way that is respectful and inclusive of the land. This includes calling upon the four classic elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water that many other Neo-Pagan traditions - and nearly all religions and spiritual practices - call upon. This is because these are the natural building blocks of our world, without any one of these, things fall into disarray, the world as we know it ceases to exist. This beautiful, life-giving planet has a delicate balance of these four elements and we believe that honoring them is crucial to our practices. 
Below are how Nine Woods is bringing a sense of honor to these elements as well as some examples of how to incorporate them into your life. 


  1. Authentic Communication for Air - With each breath, and each word we utter we have an opportunity to communicate from a place of respect, honor, kindness, and loyalty. To honor Air in your life, speak truthfully with each fortifying breath.  
  2. Passionate Faith for Fire – Harness fiery passion when moving through this world. I mean this for your spirituality, for your hobbies, for your activism. Anything that ignites your heart and soul and is based on truth, safety, and righteous justice is something to pursue. 
  3.  Inner Wisdom for Water – Listen to your inner Knowing to honor Water. Listen to other people, ruminate on the truths running through you before making a decision. Listen to the signs coming to you from your Gods, Spirits, and Guides. Trust yourself.  
  4. Loving Empathy for Earth – In times of need let the Earth hold you. Learn to meet people where they are. Remember that everyone is doing the best they can, with what they have at any given time. Take a breath, root down into the soil, and be just a little kinder today.