I grew up deeply below the poverty line, in a single mother household, with two younger sisters after my father died - surrounded by drug addiction, alcoholism, verbal, mental, physical, & sexual abuse.

I craved love and support that I had never known, a yearning deep within that I wasn’t even able to put words to.


When my father died, I was 7 years old, and much of the pressure fell to my shoulders, as I became co-parent. I was angry, and spent my adolescent years feeling never good enough, like dreams didn’t matter, and hiding my inner most self.

I met my now wife when I was 17, and we moved to our first apartment when we were 19. I was confused, still in poverty, but I was safe and loved. I had never been so seen.

I couldn’t ask for more. With my wife holding me, I finally had the ability to explore my spirituality

The Untamed Priestess

For the past fifteen years, I have learned to heal from my past trauma and continue to work on mySelf. I have leaned into the Divine Feminine as a Priestess of Badb.

As a certified spiritual coach, Pagan Ordained Minister, and Reiki Master I have created this space and my practice to help others who are on similar journeys and would like support.

Praying to The Morrigan at The River of Blood and Bone
Priestess of Badb Initiation

Mission Statement

The Untamed Priestess' mission is to empower women through the use of spiritual guidance, coaching and other techniques so that they live authentically without fear or doubt.


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