Coven of the Nine Woods
Celebrating Nature’s Magic

Please read all information below, and reach out to see if we area  good fit!

Mission Statement

The Nine Woods Tradition is a Devotional Polytheist Pagan tradition that exists to celebrate life based on devotional practices.
We aim to provide a safe space in which members can express their spirituality and celebrate the cycles & mysteries of the Earth with a lean towards environmentalism and activism.

Vision and Values Statement

We embrace the cycles of the Earth and believe that magic can be found everywhere,  and every moment in life can be magical.

The Nine Woods Tradition is part religion, part lifestyle, part politico-activism path, part ever-changing-ever-growing Thing. 

General FAQ

What are the Nine Woods? 

The Nine Woods are based upon the nine trees found within Irish Ogham and were popularized in the “Nine Woods in a Sacred Bonfire.”

The Nine Woods Tradition bases teachings and tenents on these woods as they provide wisdom that we believe is necessary to incorporate in modern polytheistic practices; trees are holders of knowledge and are revered.

While the Nine Woods and their meanings are important, they are not the end all be all in this path. Their teachings may be subtle, and behind the scenes, yet ever-flowing through the Tradition. 

Do I have to be x, y, z to participate?

Nine Woods is open to all reasonable, mature, respectful individuals who are open to learning and working within a group towards our common aims. We are a cohesive group who will be working closely with each other. A high degree of connection and trust is of the utmost importance. If, for any reason, you feel the description of the tradition or the idea of cooperation is not for you, it isn’t.
The Nine Woods Tradition does not require members to honor, worship, or work with any specific set of deities or spirits.

How does one join? 

At this time, all activities will be online. If you are feeling called to the Nine Woods Tradition, please fill out the application that is on the Qualifications for Seekers page.

Will there be covens/groves or groups in person? 

We hope, eventually. As of right now, given the state of the world, all gatherings will be online. If, eventually, members wish to hive off and create their own groups that would be amazing. 

Can children practice and participate?

That is left up to the discretion of parents. Autumn does not have children so none of these prayers, rites, rituals etc. have been child-tested. As long as it’s safe, and age-appropriate we are leaving that up to parents.

This is not necessarily a “family” coven as many of the rituals will deal with heavier mature adult topics, such as the fall of capitalism, sex positivity, etc.

Children should not be present for any group workings to provide a distraction free ritual and meditative space. 


Does Nine Woods have any monetary requirements?

Yes and no. No, you do not have to give Autumn any money, although there may be a donation button here on the site if those who are gaining something would like to help support the upkeep of the website. But there won’t be any costs to become a member of Nine Woods or anything like that. If a physical coven forms, the only reason why money would be charged is to cover ritual supplies that the whole group uses. 

Nine Woods is not, and will never be, a tradition that Autumn or other leaders use to make money or get rich.
Bartering, exchanging of goods, services and talents will be allowed - we’re anti-Capitalist and Eco-Friendly! 

Does Nine Woods participate in plagiarism?

We try not to, to the best of our ability. Several documents and practices openly come from other sources. If a source is known, it will be clearly stated. If something has been rewritten, it will be clearly stated. If a source is not known, then the item in question will be either reworked/rewritten entirely and stated as such or will be omitted.
As a few of these have been in the knowledge of Autumn for several years, most of which original authors have been lost to time, if you claim that something is yours, and can prove that it is your intellectual material, it will be removed from the Guidebook, or credit will be given. 


If you have other questions not addressed here, please reach out to

Basic Tenents

Safe, Sane, Consensual

While it may be surprising to hear these words here, Nine Woods adheres to these principles. They are credited to the BDSM/kink community as guidelines on how to behave while in kink spaces and relationships.

 However, Nine Woods believes that they are so simple, clear, and important that we utilize the same thoughts here. As long as your practice is safe - for yourself, other humans, your family, friends, pets, the planet, then it is worthwhile to pursue.
If your practice inflicts mental harm upon yourself or others (we will speak about cursing and hexing later on) then it is not safe, and therefore shouldn’t be followed.
When dealing with a practice that includes other people, it needs to be consensual, and this explicitly includes sexual magic and practices. If the people involved all don’t give a resounding, affirmative, joyful “yes!” then it is not a practice to pursue. 


Daily Magic

The concept of daily magic is the simplest, yet most complex principle in the Nine Woods tradition. It is the foundation of Nine Woods. Each day can be a spiritual experience as long as we look at life through the lens of magic. Each moment in life can be a moving experience as long as we tune into the moments that we are living. More information and tips will be given in the Daily Magic Guidebook.  


Hexing and Cursing

While we do not condone harm for harm’s sake, we do acknowledge that we live in a society where power is grossly out of balance. We view jinxing, hexing, and cursing as a way of self-defense. We view these practices as ways that we can take a little bit of power back into our own hands, and as a way to help give our righteous anger a valid channel to work through. Righteous anger can be found here [link to article forthcoming]

*Please go through appropriate “mundane” channels if you are in danger such as calling the police, or getting legal and medical advice from appropriate authorities and professionals FIRST. The Nine Woods Tradition and Autumn Blackwood are not liable for any harm done by ignoring first basic steps and going straight to magic.* 


The Four Pillars

Members of this tradition are urged to live in a way that is respectful and inclusive of the land. This includes calling upon the four classic elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water that many other Neo-Pagan traditions - and nearly all religions and spiritual practices - call upon. This is because these are the natural building blocks of our world, without any one of these, things fall into disarray, the world as we know it ceases to exist. This beautiful, life-giving planet has a delicate balance of these four elements and we believe that honoring them is crucial to our practices. 
Below are how Nine Woods is bringing a sense of honor to these elements as well as some examples of how to incorporate them into your life. 


  1. Authentic Communication for Air - With each breath, and each word we utter we have an opportunity to communicate from a place of respect, honor, kindness, and loyalty. To honor Air in your life, speak truthfully with each fortifying breath.  

  2. Passionate Faith for Fire – Harness fiery passion when moving through this world. I mean this for your spirituality, for your hobbies, for your activism. Anything that ignites your heart and soul and is based on truth, safety, and righteous justice is something to pursue. 

  3.  Inner Wisdom for Water – Listen to your inner Knowing to honor Water. Listen to other people, ruminate on the truths running through you before making a decision. Listen to the signs coming to you from your Gods, Spirits, and Guides. Trust yourself.  

  4. Loving Empathy for Earth – In times of need let the Earth hold you. Learn to meet people where they are. Remember that everyone is doing the best they can, with what they have at any given time. Take a breath, root down into the soil, and be just a little kinder today.

Our Main Beliefs

These are some of the core themes that will be found throughout the work that Nine Woods does and promotes.

  • Consent and Autonomy: Take no action towards another without permission, which includes energy readings. Cursing and binding falls under self-protection and is exempt.

  • Personal Responsibility: Whatever actions you take send energy out into the universe. Keep this in mind.

  • Balance: Seek balance in all things - giving/taking, acceptance/action, protection/openness, thinking/feeling, self/other.

  • Empowerment and Action: We have the power to bring about positive change in our lives and in the world around us.

  • Humility and Tolerance: We are all equal in the eyes of the Divine. We must respect all spiritual seeking and paths.

  • Communication: Open, caring, nonjudgmental communication is the basis of all loving and trusting relationships.

  • Community: The circle is a family. We are bound to honor and support each other.

  • Service: We must give in equal measure to the gifts that we receive.

  • Leadership: Leaders should nurture the following qualities: belief, knowledge, ability, humility, patience, tolerance, inner balance, and a loving nature.

  • Worship: A larger energy than that which we can achieve individually is created when we gather together and celebrate the Divine during the progression of the Wheel of the Year, Full Moons, New Moons, or any other ritual that we choose to hold together

Qualifications for Seekers

  • Seekers must be 18 or older. There will be no exceptions.

  • Seekers should believe in some form of a higher power.

  • Seekers must have the time and energy to devote to the group. This isn’t just a weekend belief; you must be able to make time for personal study in addition to making time for group meetings, rituals, etc. We meet at least once a month and on all Sabbats, if not more. You must be able to attend at least 75% of the meetings.

  • You must be able to separate your personal time from group time. We need to be able to get things done. This means that personal issues need to be put aside while the group is in session. After business has been taken care of, then personal situations or problems may be discussed. If the matter is too important to wait, then get it out of the way before we start the session, this way, when the time comes, we can focus on what needs to be discussed.

  • You have to have an interest in spirituality, and personal growth.  You need to want and desire this. If you are not serious enough to learn on your own then we cannot help you grow. We can give starting points, but we cannot supply a ready made path for you, as each person is different. 

  • Seekers should have reliable internet access as our meetings are online and this is a virtual group.

  • Seekers should be able to contribute something to the group; whether it is a news article, a new topic for us to explore, or something that you wish to discuss or ask questions on. No one will grow if you attend the meetings with nothing to share and nothing to say.

  • Seekers should be in good mental standing with your religious views and feel comfortable with what you believe in. If you are still on the fence about your spirituality or if you are not sure whether Paganism and Witchcraft are right for you, then please figure that out on your own time and then approach us. We are a group that works to move forward and we cannot do that if you are not ready.

    If you believe that you're a good fit, agree with all the information on this site, and would like to apply to become a member please fill out the application found here

    We will review the application and get back to you within 7 business days! 

Thank you!

Click the button below to be taken to the application if the above link doesn’t work.

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